FFCC May Webinar – Speaker and Broadcaster Trapper Jack (Philip Keller) – 5/6/21

Mary, His Messenger 

Using his own special brand of wit, Trapper Jack, will have you inspired and awakened to the wonder of Our Lady.  Discover the many messages, blessings and warnings that our Heavenly Mother has delivered throughout the centuries.  What is the meaning of her many titles and appearances, like Guadalupe, Lourdes and Fatima?  Why does Jesus continue to send His Mother to us?  Through Trapper’s humorous and unique storytelling, learn what the message Mary has for you! 

This webinar is free and all are welcome. 

About our Speaker 

Trapper Jack (Philip Keller)

Hall of Fame broadcaster, Trapper Jack, a family-friendly morning radio host for over thirty years, helped radio listeners in Cleveland, Ohio, wake up with his unique blend of wit, civic pride, and spirituality.

As a young man, Trapper left what he felt was a boring and disconnected God. 30 years later, a series of miraculous encounters ignited his faith. These powerful events now fuel Trapper’s inspirational talks.

Since his departure from secular radio in 2012, Trapper has taken to using his microphone to share his faith through podcasts and uplifting presentations. Since 2013, he has produced and hosted the Touched by Heaven and Blind Faith Live podcasts as well as produced the CD’s “Did You Hear What God Just Said,” and “Mary, His Messenger.”

Trapper is legally blind from a degenerative retinal disease. He thanks God for the blessing of blindness because it led him back to his Catholic faith. He and his wife, Elizabeth, have two adult children and are members of the liturgical commission of their parish, St. Bernadette Church, Westlake, Ohio. The two have been instrumental in bringing the miraculous water of Lourdes into the church and extending the hours of Eucharistic adoration. Trapper also serves as Lecturer and Faith Director in the Knights of Columbus.

For more information, visit https://trapperjackspeaks.com

Thursday, May 6, 2021
Webinar begins at Noon


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