CANCELLED -4/30/20 Holly Schapker, Artist

Due to concerns regarding novel coronavirus (COVID-19) The First Friday Club of Cleveland has cancelled this event.

Spirituality and the Creative Artist

Holly Schapker has been a painter for 30 years and has a passion for  spirituality and the creative process.  She believes that art has a special way of piercing the artist’s heart as well as it’s viewers. She sees herself “as an evangel-artist of sorts, trying to awaken hearts through truth and beauty.”  Many of her works pay homage to the masterpieces of great painters of their time. It is her desire to honor these artists for their work, and  to continue their efforts of celebrating creation with her own contributions. She likes to think  “that she is  contributing to the ongoing conversation among artists across time and space with her imperfect and yet God given talents. Her paintings in her current collection portray Mary in a multitude of times, cultures, styles,

To view Holly’s work click here.



Artist – Holly Schapker
Framed giclée 11×14
Value: $350
Raffle Ticket: $20


Holly Schapker has donated a copy of one of her paintings of the Virgin Mary (Maryiam, pictured above), and we will be raffling it off when we resume our monthly meetings.  You do not need to be in attendance to win.  If you are interested in purchasing a ticket, please email our administrator at .

All proceeds to benefit the First Friday Club of Cleveland