November 2, 2023 Alan Miciak President of John Carroll University

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Join us for us and Al Miciak, JCU President, for lunch Thursday November 2nd

At John Carroll University, we prepare and inspire a diverse, global community of young women and men to solve mankind’s greatest challenges.

We invite you to bring your whole self, with all of its joys and passions, to this life-affirming and game changing experience. You will grab hold of a rigorous academic program that will sharpen your ability to think, write, and problem solve. You will experience a set of unmatched encounters and remarkable teachers/mentors and in the process feel roused to become “a woman and man for others.”

At the very moment that many outside observers in the United States doubt the power of a liberal arts education, countries around the developed world embrace its core tenets and the world’s top employers — Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook — seek its best graduates.

What employers know is that the future of work — already pulsing through our day in a cascade of data, machine learning, and the digitization of all things — will require a far different application of knowledge to judgement. As a John Carroll student and graduate, you will “robot-proof” yourself with the strength of a few key habits:

  • Developing strong habits of attention and concentration.
  • Honing an ability to construct and follow sound arguments.
  • Making sense of the unfamiliar by means of the familiar.
  • Drawing fresh ideas from a storehouse of seemingly random material.
  • Grounding your point of view in a secure set of values.

Our Jesuit mission, which has guided us throughout our history, prefers to see the world in its full 360-degree complexity and possibility. We build our potential — and connect as people — to serve something larger than our careers or ourselves. We pour more than knowledge into one another and aim the fullness and strength of our hearts to create a more just and sustainable world.

If these words quicken your pulse, and if this challenge calls you forward, we invite you to join the most diverse cohort of young people in our school’s history.


Alan R. Miciak, Ph.D.