Jerry Monroe, Co-Founder of AM 1260 The Rock “Where you hear Rock Solid Truth”


The speaker on Thursday, August 31, is Jerry Monroe, a local business attorney in private practice for 25 years, who is one of the founders of St. Peter The Rock Media and serves as President of the Board of Directors.  Jerry will enjoy walking us through the story of how the organization came about from nothing, where it is today, and where we are headed in the future.

How did Catholic radio make it onto the Cleveland airwaves?  What does the “new evangelization” really mean, anyway?  In a lighter vein, what does the Catholic faith have in common with McDonald’s french fries?  Find out the answers to these and other of life’s questions by visiting the First Friday Club on Thursday, August 31.

The founders don’t include a butcher, baker or candlestick maker, but they do include individuals from many walks of life whose skill sets all came together to make local Catholic radio in Cleveland a reality, including (among others) a salesmen, a marketing executive, a media personality, an entrepreneur, attorneys and, yes, even a rocket scientist.  In 2013 and ’14, they came together under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to found St. Peter The Rock Media, the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which owns and operates AM 1260 The Rock.  Your local Catholic radio station is kept on the air with the help of her very small staff and the tireless support of many dozens of generous volunteers.

The focus is not an individual but a lay movement that has attracted hundreds of local households so far, and continues with God’s help to grow little by little, one soul at a time, every day.

The movement is the new evangelization, an important part of what the Second Vatican Council calls “the universal call to holiness” (Lumen gentium, chapter 5). For lay people, it involves acquiring a prayer life and a grasp of the basics of the Catholic Faith, deciding to live them out in daily life relying on God’s help, and listening for the promptings of the Holy Spirit. Helped by the graces we receive through the Sacraments, we can then stand ready to place our talents at the service of the Church, in ways that are often as exciting as they are unexpected. Case in point: Launching a Catholic radio station with precious little experience!

The station is WCCR, for Cleveland Catholic Radio.  Listeners know it better as AM 1260 The Rock, or simply The Rock.  In May 2015, The Rock took over the iconic “WIXY Twelve Sixty” frequency that so many of us grew up with, and has never looked back.  A listener-supported, lay-run apostolate, The Rock broadcasts 365 days and nights a year from Cleveland with a signal that reaches over 2 million souls in our cars, homes and workplaces.

The “format” is talk radio, but that would be a little misleading without also mentioning just Who it is that is speaking to us there: Jesus, our God, through the teachings of the Church he founded for that purpose on the rock of the first Pope, St. Peter, just as he promised.

The mission is to re-establish all things in Christ by drawing individuals to him, one at a time, through teaching, explaining, and fostering acceptance of the Catholic faith as handed on to us from the Apostles.  And always in ways that are upbeat, stimulating, clear, and kind.  In only two years, The Rock already has a track record of awakening and informing—often for the first time in their lives—the faith of Catholic listeners, as well as drawing non-Catholics to inquire into the faith and enter the Church.