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“The Power of Asking Why? A Millennial’s Faith Journey”

October 1, 2015

Erin McIntyre was born in Cleveland to Bridget and Thomas McIntyre, and a big, Irish Catholic family. Tragically, 6 months before Erin’s birth, her father was killed in a robbery in downtown Cleveland. Erin, the youngest of 4, was raised by her mother, Grandmother McIntyre and a host of family and friends.

Since a young age, she’s had a desire to serve and to understand her purpose in the world. She was educated at Magnificat High School and the University of Dayton (UD) where she studied sociology and history. While at UD, she became involved in Campus Ministry programming including a month-long immersion experience to Cameroon, West Africa in 2001 and a summer of service in southeastern Kentucky through the UD Summer Appalachia Program (UDSAP) in 2002. Upon graduation from UD, she participated in a year-long service program through the Humility of Mary Volunteer Program in which she volunteered in the Campus Ministry Department at Magnificat High School. After her year of service, she was hired by Magnificat to continue her work of planning and leading relationship-based service programs, social justice initiatives, retreats and immersion experiences for students.

Through her work at Magnificat, Erin first traveled to El Salvador in 2004 with a group of students and returned several times. Through her travels, she established meaningful relationships with the people she met and felt a pull to work and live among them. In 2010, Erin joined the International Partners in Mission (IPM) team in their Latin American regional office in El Salvador as the interim regional director. In this role, Erin was responsible for managing the regional office, working with project partners in El Salvador and other Latin American and Caribbean countries, and organizing and leading immersion experiences.

Erin returned from El Salvador and sought work where she could apply what she had learned to serve the greater Cleveland community. Today, Erin works as a program officer at the Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland, a Catholic grant-making foundation that addresses root causes of poverty in northeast Ohio. She serves as program officer of the Catholic women religious program area in which she manages programmatic and strategic efforts in supporting Catholic sisters, their ministries and lay partners in the Dioceses of Cleveland and Youngstown.

Erin’s life and work experiences have been transformational. Each step of the way, she has asked, “why?” to dig deeper in both her own faith journey and the injustices that plague our community and world to understand her purpose in the world.erin